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The Three Best Ways To Find Curated Micro-Influencers For Your Business

This article breaks down the three best ways to find micro-influencers for your business. If you aren’t sure what a micro-influencer is or why they are becoming more important check out this article “Micro means genuine: Why Everyone will be competing for Micro-Influencers in 2024”.

The important distinction is the micro component of influencers. We’re looking for creators that are just the right size. The ones that have that small yet authentic audience AND don’t need thousands to check out or promote a product/service.

Finding these folks is challenging but here are three ways you can go about it!

Using Customers As Micro-Influencers

The absolute best way to find micro influencers is via your existing customers. We know that not everyone has this option but if you already have customers that have purchased your products or services then consider diving a little deeper into who they are.

You might end up finding customers that have a bigger audience then you’d expect. Don’t let it deter you if they aren’t posting at a crazy frequency. Our CEO as an example posts on LinkedIn maybe 10 times per year but has over 3k in his network/followers so when he does post he can count on quite a bit of engagement and traffic.

Here’s a quick example:
Selling a business service? Check out your customers and look at their networks. You might find a power user or someone in the C-suite. A trade of services for a post of two from their account could go a long way. There are a plethora of ways to encourage the individuals and their audience won’t view their content as advertising or forced promotion as they likely haven’t done it previously. Just like that, we’ve targeted, incentivized, and utilized some of our best customers as authentic micro-influencers.

Next up, we have A tool that has put the micro in the influencer marketing category. This database collects and organizes hundreds of micro-influencers in various industries, niches, and platforms.

Removing the hard work and searching that you would otherwise have to do manually. They even give some of the contacts away for free so you can see the quality of micro-influencers.

The database collects more than just their name and category. With you get the engagement data, growth over recent time, quick activity snippets, platform success, and most importantly a hand curated ‘vibe check’ of the creators. That means every single person in their system is vetted and hand picked.

MicroInfluencer Search

You can quickly search for a micro-influencer in your category and niche without having to wade through the thousands of massive accounts that you don’t want to pay for. Try it for free!

Manual Search in Your Niche

Lastly we have the good ole’ manual search. If you skipped down to this section and really don’t want to have to find micro-influencers manually then jump back up to the above paragraph.

If you’re set on spending the time then here is what you need to do:

Step 1 - Consider what platform makes the most sense for your industry

Step 2 - Go to said platform and begin searching for keywords, how to’s, and other industry specific topics.

Step 3 - Quickly filter through the creators that have the appropriate follower counts for your goals. Ie. A small company with $200 to spend shouldn’t pick someone with 14 million followers.

Step 4 - Once you’ve found 3-5 folks, reach out to them with their preferred contact point

Step 5 - Propose a route for them to act as a micro-influencer. This could include product reviews, affiliate partnerships, promotions, and more.

Find The Route and Micro-Influencer That Suits You Best

Like most things in business, time is the most valuable asset. Be sure to select the route that makes the most sense for you and your team. As well as the option that will provide the best possible micro-influencer for you.

We have a feeling that for most of you reading this it will be your first time working with a micro-influencer, so making sure you get someone that can show you the real benefits of authentic marketing is critical!